Sunday, July 17, 2011

Enjoying life without working :D

Hello my beloved readers :D How are you ?
I know i have not been updating my blog that often and that is because i have been really busy attending school and also my CCAs.

Alright , just last week i went to Causeway point to catch the movie << Monte Carlo >> and i have to say it is hilarious. Anyway , i think that the show is awesome because the story line is really cute and entertaining and somehow it's rather touching at the end of the show. (: Oh yeah ~! Did i mention that this story is about loves :D
As for today , i went to watched the movie called << Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2>>
And it's really cool luh ~ Let me start by telling you guys what i did to make the post longer alright.
  1. Went toBoonKeng to meet up with JunQi and Benny
  2. Sat te MRT down to Dhoby Ghaut
  3. Went to Smiggle @ Plaza Singapura to shop for some stationary and pencil case 
  4. Went to McDonalds @ Plaza Singapura ato eat break fast and i ate Hotcake w Sausage add a hashbrown
  5. After that went to shop for a new iPhone cover 
  6. Went off to Vivo City............................15min later
  7. Reached Vivo and went to book the ticket time check - 1.10 just nice can watch the 1.15pm show 
  8. Pay the money and it's GV max and it was in 3D ^^
  9. Rushed up to the cinema and waited...waited....waited for the show to start
  10. Watching the show.......SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Cheering for Harry Potter :p
  11. Went to the Sentosa Express :D
  12. Alight at Beach station 
  13. Went off to Siloso Beach 
  14. WalkWalkWalk (:
  15. End up in wave house , slacked for awhile and JunQi hand got injured by Benny somehow 
  16. After that walked to Palawan beach , chatted on the way there 
  17. Bought some food to eat at 7-11
  18. Sat down at a umbrella with some seat and a table and ate our food
  19. Chitchat till 9pm
  20. Off we go back home (:
Yeah , there're many other thing in between but i am running out of time my mother is forcing me to shut down the computer so yeah..... ): By the way , the Harry Potter movie was cool and exciting ! I am sure i am going to watch it again . Hahaha ! Have been wondering- How on earth did the make-up artist complete the look of Lord Voldemort nose ? :p The nose is super flat i wonder how can he dig his nose ? Maybe using the tip of his wand :p
Anyway here are some of the pic :D

Alright Bye guys ! <3

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