Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank you :D

Alright , today we had our normal NPCC training and we did our NYAA project :D
Anyway today post is just a post to thanks my squadmates i never get to thank just now during the squad times and also my unhappiness in NPCC which i forget to mention just now ~ So ya ! :D

Thank Guys :D 
Hey bro :D Thanks for accompanying me throughout this 3 years in NPCC. We had skipped our CCA together , have fun together , Get scolded together and many more stuff . Without you here by my side i think my NPCC life will be really miserable and also lonely.

Hello sis :D Thanks for being sucha great and caring HOT ( Head Of Training ) , without you in NPCC the whole Sec 3 squad will not have laughter and i have to say the whole unit will go chaos ~ And also thanks for changing my attitude after that incident lastly sorry for causing you so much trouble last time .

Bonjuor my bro :D Hey , having you as my squadmate/Bro is really awesome ! You are so cheerful and i'll always remember the time you just started talking to me . Kinda awkward but now everything seem normal ^^ Haha !

Korh ! HiHi :D Hahah ~ Thanks for being a role model to me ! * In case you don't know you are my role model hor :p So must teach me good thing lehy hahaha ! And also thanks for being a pillar for me to lean on i'll always remember you asking me if i want to drink water during debrief . XieXie korh !

Yo bro ! Thanks for teaching me how to handle stress when you are PC 1 for the 2nd Muster Parade :D And i really look up to you bro !~ You totally know how to handle stress ^^ Teach me next time alright ! 

HuiLing & Hilary
Hi Guys ! Thanks for letting me take the Sec 1 squad for attendance :D Really appreciate it ! As for Hilary sorry that i sended that rubbish to Fabian Sir just now , Really sorry hope you don't put that in mind. Anyway i'm looking forward to team with you guys in taking the Sec 1 squad .

JiaHern , PhengSiong and GuanTeck
Hello bros :D Thanks for tolerating my nonsense for so long ah ! Thanks for chatting nonsense with me as for GuanTect thanks for making the NPCC website till it look so nice ^^ 

HeyHeyHey ! Thanks for changing your attitude towards the better and also thanks for the kind massage you wrote to me earlier i really appreciate it :D Thanks for all those laughter you gave me and thanks for cheering me up when i feel miserable .

Admin personel - Miru , Mohinee & Indu :D
Hey , thanks for teaching me so much about admin hopefully i'll be able to help you guys once i got the hand of the paper work :D So i just want to say it a pleasure working with you guys !

Logistic personel - John , JunQi , Siti , Niden , Kevin and etc
Hey , thanks for helping me with the Logisitc stuff last time :D Although i am in Admin now but i'll still come back to help you guys ^^ Have a pleasure working with you guys ! John ah ~ Must take care logistic stuff alright ! :D

Oh hi ~ Although we seldom talk in NPCC but you are really funny without you in NPCC whoa i have to say it's going to be real boring so thanks ya !

And last but not least all the TOs and CIs
Thanks sirs/ Ma'ams for giving us so much support and putting in so much effort to train us and organize events for us :D Thanks alot ! I am sure we'll be able to do you guys proud !  

**To people i did not mention i'm really sorry Guys ! :D I don't know what to say ! But thanks for caring about me and many other stuff ! Thanks ^^ 
To : YC 
I have to voice this out , everytime i saw your face i have to say it gave me the impression where you skipped NPCC for a few month and in the end you end up being an NCO ! How's that possible ~ Do u know most of us climb a really long way in order to take over as an NCO ? (: 
Anyway , if you really want us to respect you as a squadmate please prove it to us that you have what it takes to be an NCO and that you have the ability to take to squad . 

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