Thursday, July 28, 2011

Instagram :D

Hey guys :D how are you guys today ?
Alright today post is about Instagram which is an iPhone app and the best thing is it's free.
It's basically an app for you to take and share photos so yeah i am going to show you guys some of the photos which i took using the Apps :D And FYI you can change the colour of you picture :D
Do give it a try alright ! ^^

Yeah , follow/add me to see more photos which will be updated in the future ^^
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My refrigerator :D Magnets and stuff ~ 

Soft drinks which me and my friend drank (Mine is the Coke)

Service day flyers , must distribute it :D 

Notebooks which i found in the shop called "Smiggle" in Dhoby Ghaut 

McDonald :D McDelivery - 6777 3777

McDonald Breakfast :D 23/7/2011

Mini-Speaker :D 
The bridge which i walks to school everyday :D

Batman candy which i discover in Dhoby Ghaut :D

Avril Lavigne ! I read this magazine in class which i bought for 5 bucks and it was being

Reflection on Map-Reading ( English )

That's all for today post :D Hope you guys like my photos ! 

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