Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Studying became Shopping/Slacking (:

Hello people , i'm back (:
Whoa , today has been such a fun day for me . Let me elaborate my day now . Anyway don't mind if i skip my the part where i'm in school .
Anyway the fun part started after school when me , Gerald , Benny and JunQi went to Nex Shopping Central to study (:
While walking to the MRT station we were so hyper and upon reaching i went to change into my home clothes and after that we went off to Pizza Hut to have our lunch (:
After we had reach we have a challenge for each other and it is to " See who can use proper english while talking to the waitress " And we all used perfect English to talk and it was hilarious (: 
And after the food arrive we all ate in a very Atas manner and it was fun and hilarious too . The cheese from full botter let us used till it left with like 1/4 of it (: Hahaha ! And i have to say that the Mushroom soup is super yummy <3

Anyway after eating we went off to the library to slacked for awhile and after that we went to NÜBOX to play wit the Ipad and stuff after that we went home (N)
Anyway i sat a cab home and it cost me 12 dollars , (:

Hahahaha ! Shall post till here :x People please help me do my survey @ http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PW3LKRG

Photos time (:

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