Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busier than i expected .

Hello people , (: Sorry for not updating my blog this few days.
The reason why i have not been updating is because i have been really busy studying and working.
Anyway i have been working for the past 3 days this week and 1 week i will be working 6days now as Tsubohachi have not enough manpower.

Oh my result have slightly gone down to the negative side and most of my teacher is really unhappy about it and had told me to resign , however i insisted to carry on working as i believe that i can cope with both career and studies. (: Hahaha ! Must be ambitious ~
Anyway today we had a remedial session done by my Sec 2 english teacher Mdm Noor and we had so much fun (: Anyway after the remedial me and Benny stayed at the library to read some books and after that went home (:.
Anyway, Tsubohachi have change to a new manager called Thomas and at first i thought that he is a nice guy but i was wrong. He is really annoying somehow and he think that he is really good in everything and i hate it.
Today he created a few rules for us -

  1. Must greet customer politely and smile at the customer
  2. Never change clothes infront of customer and in the outlet itself
  3. No using of handphones
  4. Must learn to take order and serve food 
Anyway after hearing the new rules, trust me i was more than happy (: "Not" 
Anyway he told me that if i still don't know how to take order by the end of next week i would get fired and i was like go ahead :p Hahaha !

Anyway today my time at work got extended because our restaurant is really busy today.
Anyway i reached home at 11pm and after that i even quarrel with my family regarding some stuff and this is what i post in facebook "Just quarreled with my family because my family accuse me of stealing my sister money and used my mother phone to go into the net and they even said that i'm useless and stupid , seriously do your even know how i felt ? Come'on your say that my salary is not contributing to the wealth of our family and my salary is useless, than why are u asking for money in the 1st place ? "

Okay anyway i shall post till here , Oh yeah ! Prince William and Princess Kate (: Hope you guys will lastlong . 

Okay next will be some photos that i took on my way back from school (: Hahahahah !

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