Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A super duper funfunfun day !

Okay basically i am going to share with u readers what i did today (:

Okay let me start by telling u where did i go today .
Okay today i went to Bugis and i had a blast ,
At first i asked Melissa to accompany me to Bugis , however i realise that i have not been going out with Jean for a long period of time . That's why i asked her out too .

Okay , meet up with them at 113 (: Time check 2.30pm .
Okay went to the bus stop and waited for bus 139 to come .
Bus-ed down to Bugis , listen to some song using my phone .

Upon reaching went to Bugis Street , Shop for awhile and went to Iluma (:
Bought Jean a Shinee Poker card (: Than went off to Macdonalds and ate Double Cheese burger while Melissa ate Mc Chicken ? Sorry ah i had forgotten . Oh yeah , after that went to buy Geek Specs and Gans band we went to take Neo Print time check 4.15pm~ (: So off to Bugis Juntion to take neo print , after that off to shop awhile and decided to take again . Went to buy some drinks and slacked for awhile after that a 5.15pm went to take again .
After that we went to Top up Jean Ez-link card and went to 113 slack for awhile . We all went home at 7.15pm (: YEAHH ! Had so much ufn with Your today ! 

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