Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A pathetic day .

Today is a rather tiring day (:
Seriously , teacher is always nagging . What is the problem with teacher nowadays ? Pathetic !! 
Come'on la ~ It not like you guy are perfect . 
Okay anyway wanna try to change the way i post ! 

Joke anyway my day started with English lesson and it was cool , i manage to complete my task and handed up the practice paper to Mr Chan . 
Than after that EBS , let ur know one thing 1st before i continue . 1 word to describe it is " Bored " 
When the lesson started , the teacher nag us about not bringing brochures to school and i'm like " U think i very free ah ? " Than after that we learn a lot of new stuff and than we have to design one . And before the lesson end the teacher Ms Lim told us that we have to Stay back after school to do something . And to readers continue reading to know what isit (:
After that was my Recess and  i did not eat , And me Gerald , JunQi and Benny went to slack after that all the girls came . (: And our seat got stolen by them .
Okay after that was science and it was cool , as the worksheet is easy , HAHAHAHAHA !
Okay than Maths did worksheet , easy again ! Anyway hopefully will pass all my subjects hahaha !
Okay after that was CME and did nothing , went to Canteen and saw Ms Lim and Mr Daryl Toy there and asked them if we can do the thing she wanted us to do and she was like no but Mr Daryl Toy help us and Ms lim finally say yes !

We rushed to the Computer Lab and teacher was nagging at us and after that we have a huge surprise , WE HAD TO COPY A BROCHURE WHICH HAS MANY WORDS ! And it has like more than 700 words . 
Okay i took more than 30min to finish , (:

I was first to finish it anyway than after that have to answer a question and i answer it correctly . 
after that rushed to City Square Mall to meet up with JunQi and Gerald together with Melissa (:
After we had reached we went to Long John Silver and a few moment later Gerald came ! Chatted and had fun went back to school at 4.05pm , and we were late . Hahaha....Than we reached school at 4.25pm and played Badminton with many people today , however i kept on losing and after that went home at 6pm and slept till 8pm anyway i shall post till here (: See ya people !! 

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