Monday, March 21, 2011

My first day in school after the March holidays (:

Hello readers !

Okay today was basically a funfunfun day for me (: 
Went to school feeling like any normal Days , however when i reached school my thoughts changes .
It was fun though , chatted with friends as there is no teacher in our class (:
Anyway after assembly was science and it was cool , we learn a new chapter but dunnno what chapter it's called but i just know it's rather hard but i manage to get it all correct . 
After that was English n i did some practice paper , it's a combine class day as the other teacher did not come to school today (:
After that was my Recess and i did not eat as the food was like so......Erxin , 
Anyway after recess was CPA and we learned something new called Adobe Dreamweaver or something like that ba (:
After that was Maths and Mr Vannan took us today and the way he teaches us rocks . It make our lesson much more easier . HAHAHAHAHA !!
Okay next was PE and as usual we played Badminton and i played with Jasmine , Julin and Gerald and i had a blast hahahaha !

After that went to change back into our Uniform and went to Assembly and it's was boring as its talk about O level and than chatted with Samuel (:
HAHAHA , After assembly ended went to eat and went to NPCC meeting at 3pm .

It was rather boring though , and it's talking to my squadmate who will be takibng squad and i told Jiahui.L : WHY EVEN BOTEHR TO ASK US COME WHEN YOUR ARE TALKING TO PEOPLE WHO ARE TAKING SQUAD , THAN WHAT BOUT PEOPLE WHO IS TAKING LOGISTIC AND ADMIN ? (: Than after that i askedn her to let us go and she was like go lor . 

So went home straight and after that wqent to meet Melissa at 5pm and went to KFC eat . HAHAHA than off to LAn byebye people !

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