Wednesday, March 2, 2011

After school ; FUN TIME !!

Let me start my post by saying i have a blast today ! Not in school but i can say after school (:

School was rather bored today ! 
Maths we did Transformation (Enlargement) and i finally get the meaning on what the teacher is talking about
English ;zzzz ! Bored can ? Wrote a compo on ( A day that i'll remember ) And i wrote 378 words . After that was my recess ! Ate the usual stuff and went to slack with Sandy jiejie outside the library (: It was fun though . 
After the bell rang , i slowly walked to the Computer Lab for my EBS lesson and guess what ! The lesson just simply sucks ! Ms lim ( The short one ) Kept on nagging at me ! -.- And teh damn coursework is so damn hard ! I'm like wtff is going on ~ All the Scenario is like damn hell difficult ! But i have a good news i still manage to finish it on time ! ahaha ! Ater EBS was my mother tongue , i got back my exam script and i scored 70& only -.- I felt devastated . After that we started chatting (: 
Soon it was science , and we had Pizze (: Thanks Mr Seah . Hahaha !!

After we had been release i rushed back home , 
I saw my sister friends and my sister using the computer back home and i was devastated ! However we started talking about ; Xiaxue blog , ghost videos , Scary popped-out and many other stuff !
Than after that i went to shower and than went to Juntion 8 with my mother to buy the stuff i needed for my job (: And we spent about 80 dollars for the 2 black Jeans and the black sneaker . Oh yeah i saw Steven Lim at Juntion 8 ! HAHAHAHA !

After that me and my other decided to eat Long John Silver and so we decided to go eat (:: Yeahh !
I walked passed ZINC and my mother knows that i wanted a bag like long ago and bought it for me it cost her 49.95 dollars , and i am really touched ! After that we continued our way to Long John Silver (; 

And i ate Golden Deal 3piece Chicken meal while my mother had 2 . And we went to tpy and shop after that And got a haircut and went home at around 645pm (:
Shall post till here ! Bye readers (: 

This is the bad that i have wanted long ago !
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