Sunday, February 20, 2011

CSI The Experience ( Do read and tagg me )

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Okay , a few days ago NPCC brought us to the Science Centre for the CSI The Experience exhibition . 
Firstly i'll say it a waste of time going there . Because it's rather boring (: No offence . 
The first place we went was the experiment place which consist of 4 station however i only get to do 2 D:

The 4 station are : Observation , Blood Analyses , Chemical Analyses  and Fingerprint Analysis . 
** ☑ is what i have done :D

Fingerprint Analysis
Okayy , first station is Fingerprint Analysis . And we learnt to used Superglue fuming method . 
Basically some fumes of superglue and sodium hydroxide are applied at the crime scene, or appropriate articles removed from the crime scene. This causes a chemical reaction to the amino acids present in latent fingerprints and a white residue results.  These residues are not easily destroyed and will be much clearer then dusting which is why this method is preferred by many forensic scientist . 
Chemical Analyses
Okay next is Chemical Analyses .
It's a fun station where we need to solve some cases . However i do not know how to explain so do visit CSI the experience which end today 20/2/2011 .
Okay after that we went to the exhibition and we basically have 3 scene the scene is determine by the colour of the bored given to u . For me i get the 3rd scene so we must find clues and add all the clues together to solve the case however it was fun and i had a blast . And after that ur will have a chance to submit it using the computer there , 

Photos !

Fingerprint of my thumb , i know it's not clear D:

Love the jacket or vest ??

Fingerprint again !

The experiment , Chemical Analyses also know as Chromatography

Water .

This is the board i'm talking about (:

Okay , this are photos taken at CSI The Experience exhibition . 
Now i shall post till here byebye readers , For people that have not read my previous post do read it . 
Next time i shall post about KFC (: So bye people . 
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