Sunday, February 20, 2011

What i had been doing lately (:

People had been wondering what have i been doing lately so this post is for people who want to know what i have been doing lately . I shall post it in Bullet form (:

  • I had been studying for the sake of my future 
  • I had been attending NPCC training every weeks .
  • I had not been slacking , 
  • Got some police cases .
  • Go home right after school
  • Time for Family and friends 
Yeah that's basically what i had been doing lately .  Now let me show you some pics that i have edited . 

Yeah , The left side is basically the Non-Edited
And the Right side is the Edited edition :D

As usual , before and after .

Edited !

Okay , i shall just show ur 3 for now , so people please don't believe what you see in the cyber world cause what you see might be fake ! Goodluck (: Shall post more next time . Bye readers !
Next post i shall post about CSI the experience stay tune people !

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