Monday, November 28, 2011

I am back after so long ! :D

Hello everyone i am back to blogging ! I know i had not been blogging in my computer had broke down so yeah ! Sorry about that :3
Anyway this 3 weeks really sucks a lot , everyday i had been going out wasting money and my phone bill had exploded as i had been using my phone to text and call lately !

So , 3 weeks has past and i have so much photo to show you guys :3 So yeah i cannot wait any longer so here it is.......Wait for it........Here it comes :D

This are just some of the pictures , there are more later on :3
So yeah ! This 3 weeks was so suckish , life was so boring and all about going out and wasting money ! Btw i had bought 2 clothing from H&M (Sweater, Jacket) so here's the picture of it :

This is the sweater from H&M that cost $39.90 :3

The quality of this photo sucks , but i think you are still able to see the jacket...
Anyway this jacket is the one at one of the  picture on top . Anyway it cost $49.90
 Yeah , so that is what i bought at H&M !
And yes , i almost forgot about entertaiment ( Movie and Pool )

I recently watched 2 movies and they are :
  • Puss in Boots ( The catcat show )
  • Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part #1
I have to say both the movie is awesome and for people who have not watch it ! Both of the movie is a MUST WATCH MOVIE ! :3 Cause it's awesome :D

And yes people , i had been reading lately ! I know you guys won't believe but it True ~ I had been reading the book call "Modelland" By : Tyra Banks ! :D

OkayOkay ! Shall post till here have to let my sister use the computer already !
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