Friday, April 22, 2011

Yeap , it's fridayfriday ! Gotta get down on Friday (:

Hello , today was a funfunfun day (:
Today went to Dhoby Ghaut with Julin , Brandon and a Guy called XunRong ( Dunnno correct ma ) .
First i met Brandon and that guy at BoonKeng MRT and after that went down to the platform and board the train to Dhoby Ghaut and after that went to meet up with Julin at Macdonalds (:
After that we went off to Komars Enterprise to gte my salary but to my surprise it was not open and i'm like "Fuckyou" (:
Anyway after that i have to say byebye to Julin as me , Brandon di and that guy is going to Bugis to meet up with my Gan mummy and my 2 gan meimei ! So after saying goodbye at the MRT we went to the platform once again and went to Bugis .
Upon reaching they were already waiting for us outside the Guardian retails shop (: And after saying Hi to al of them we went off to Iluma and than played the arcade for awhile and after that went to play some Car games .
After that we went to eat at the foodcourt and we have so much funfunfun (: The food was so disgusting till me and QiaoHong almost vomited @.@
Anyway after eating we went off to take Neo print and me and Qiaohong paid most of the money and we had so much fun (:
After that we went to Bugis Street and bought some Geek Specs me and QiaoHong bought the same colour specs except her one is smaller :p
Anyway after that we saw Catherine and Marie and chatted for awhile and after that we went home together with Becca (:
Anyway something funny happened , Julin and BeeSin tried to prank me saying Julin friend want tio me taiji becasue i let them wait for me and in the end i never turn out and luckily i never fell for it :p

Hopefully we will have a funfunfun day again (: Tomorrow who free to pei me go see if my salary is here le ma ? Text me ah :p

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