Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy week and something that is bothering me .

Wow , i can't believe that i can endure through this entire week (:
Let me tell you guys why.

Now your see, this entire week monday - sunday i have NPCC ( National Police Cadet Corp ) and i'm shock because we had never have so much trainings in a week.
Monday- We had to take the Sec 2s for extra trainings and after that we had NPCC meetings.
Tuesday- NPCC sizing and i did not attend it due to another CCA - Badminton (:
Wednesday- NPCC Dry shoot, we went to Cantonment for the dry shoot and i had lots of fun however it's tiring
Thursday- The Sec3s which is my squad have our promotion test for the Campcraft and PT component 

Friday-We had our normal training and it's damn stress .

Yeah that's what i have been doing lately , NPCC all the way (: Anyway Saturday and Sunday have NPCC too 
Saturday - Sec1s amazing race planning
Sunday - CIP ( Community Involvement Programme  )

Some stuff that had been bothering me 

Anyway this component will be for people out there who like to criticize other people appearences  

- To people who like to judge other people i have something to say, do you know how hurtful it's to judge other people ? Come'on if people judges you i don't think you'll like it too . We're all human livings and we have emotions. 

Anyway other issue is about Popularities and people who are not popular in school 

- Seriously, readers i can tell you this i'm not really popular in school however i don't really care what other people think of me. I have been tease too by most of the popular student and i can even recalled all the nicknames i'm being called example are ( Gay, stupid and Dumb etc.)
And i dare to face the fact that i'm being called all this, but seriously this is what i think. Does making fun of people who are not as big as you or as popular as you fun ? I guess no, what's the point of making fun other people ? It's just ruining other people thoughts and opinion towards you. So please stop it (: TYVM . 


Some random pic i took on my way back home after school .

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